Setting the right price for your home should:

  • Attract More Buyers
  • May Yield Multiple Offers
  • Provide the Highest Seller Net
  • Get Your Home Sold Fast

Overpricing Hurts everyone!

  • Appraisal Problems
  • Loan Rejections
  • Sellers Can Loose Buyers
  • The Listing Agent May Loose a Frustrated Client

The Market ultimately determines the price. What a buyer is willing to pay and a seller is willing to accept. Homes slightly under market value can bring multiple offers determining the market price.  

There are plenty of places to check online in regards to your homes value.  The very best option is to have a Realtor complete a comparative market analysis also known as a CMA.  This analysis is a comparison of prices of the recently sold homes in the area along with the active homes to understand the current competition.  

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See below what has to say about overpricing your home.

5 Common (but terrible) Reasons for Overpricing Your Home


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